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February I Review

February 15th, 2018 at 08:51 am

The areas that I am targeting for controlled spending are consumables (all grocery/household/pet item), gas, and extraneous (including everything else like clothing/entertainment/household items/books for school, etc).

In January we averaged (for Ist and IInd havles)
Consumables - $321
Extraneous - $192
Gas - $138

The total of extraneous for the month was $380, but that covered hot lunches for both sons, Zumba, textbooks, some witner clothing items, and $78 was from my trip to CA with my younger daughter).

In budgeting for Feb I, here are planned/actual:
Consumables - $225/$236
Extraneous - $110/$80
Gas - $135/$80

Observations: We are higher on consumables because we are doing a smoothie cleanse and I spent on protein powder and more produce, and we hosted a dinner party with eight additional people.

Extraneous: I didn't include my NYC spending money since I had been frittering away cash for that, but I did need to dip $35 into that, the rest was just odd amounts for books, socks, a movie admission, etc.

Gas: This is lower than average, mostly becasue I was gone 4/14 days in NYC, there is snow and we are driving less.

The amounts remain the same for Feb II, and I expect that we will fully utilize the amounts available.

I am plodding along with my classes. I am enjoying them and am excited by the prospect of employment on the flipside, the writing is, however, daunting. Just finished one 30+ page paper, moving on to second 20+ page paper.

5 Responses to “February I Review”

  1. Carol Says:

    I know you are a good writer, but 20 and 30 pages-- yikes!
    Stay strong!☺

  2. laura Says:

    @Carol. Thanks! I used to be better able to stay on task and focus. I think parenting and all else has created some adult-onset ADHD. Smile

  3. rachael c resk Says:

    Laura what are you going to school for?

  4. Laura Says:

    @Rachael, at Seminary, I was pastoral care:counseling turned M.Div candidate. Ended up parting ways due to some business decisions poor implemented.
    Currently, doing certificate in organizational behavior and design. At least it works in tandem with my MS in psychology.
    How’s MBI going??

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, those are hefty papers!

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