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The Budget Mom and Capital Improvements

March 20th, 2019 at 09:22 am

Hard to believe that Q2 is almost here, though as a SADD sufferer Spring is most welcome.

My relationship with the financial has done a total turnaround. I've found a system that finally works for me - the budget mom whose plan involves simply budgeting per paycheck. I was one of those people who couldn't make it work when we're paid on a random Friday for whatever reason. Now random paydates such as 3/8 and 3/22 aren't a big deal. So we are being successful. I have tracked the variable expenses for a long enough time now (three months) to know that my targeted amounts for weekly spending (groceries/gas/other) is $230. On a diligent week with good meal planning and no surprise needs I can do $210. I was able to cash flow the expenses for Confirmation (new dress shirt/tie/gifts for son and neice/and two events a coffee and cake get together and then a brunch). Now on to Graduation in May (only one child this year!)

I also spent $300 cash to have a deadish evergreen tree removed from our front yard. Our house is going on the market around 5/1. I was so happy to have found a small tree removal company who was flexible. Bigger companies quoted $650-$800. Cash under the table is king!

Hope all is well with my fellow SAers.

1st Quarter Update

March 7th, 2019 at 08:23 am

My grandpa used to say "The tides on the minnies have turned." I think it has something to do with minnows going up or down stream to spawn. Regardless, it's applicabe to our situation now.

The day to day worries of financial life with a minimal or non-existent EF are gone. What's changed?

1) Vanguard Money Market where I deposited 90% of my inheritence. The 10% was used for capital improvements here at the primary residence, a new sectional, getting current on past due bills, and getting one month ahead on the budget.

2) Higher HSA account balance has helped defray some unexpected medical bills (broken hand) and braces payments.

3) Part-time work for my biological father. It has been difficult to find a job that I'm suited for (I'm over or under qualified with a lack of demonstrated employment history). I delayed the job search since I don't know where I will be during the summer. He's difficult and I'm practicing my skills of diplomacy and flexibility. And its practical experience in project management that I can use as a job description.

4) I've discovered The Budget Mom and found a system that actually worked for me. Simply budgeting your paycheck for the period that you have it. And using cash for all of your variable expenses. I tracked diligently and we can live life reasonably on $125/week (gas/groceries/other).

We're using gift cards from Christmas for movie theater outing and eating out. Clothing expenses have run me about $100/month because the 16 year old son and the 14 year old son both decided to grow at the same time. But thankfully there were good deals at places like American Eagle Outfitters and Aeropostale (they both wear uniforms to school).

5) DH's annual 2018 bonus is being deposited tomorrow. The 15th will be the checks from my biological father (he pays DH and me separately). We're dogsitting for my brother for a week at the end of the month too, so that's a few additional thousand that we weren't really counting on. And for once I'm not desperately waiting for it to pay someone or something.

So all is well on the money front, and all other fronts as well. Off to catch up on the blogs. Have a good day!