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Wow: Almost February. Update

January 29th, 2018 at 09:22 am

We participated in a modified UFMC. I did spend money on things: some winter clothes were needed as my boys hit growth spurts, I returned to school and that required textbooks. We are eating healthier, so the cost of food has gone up not by too much. I'm participating in weekly Zumba classes at the cost of $6/week (still cheaper than a gym membership).

Real school is different than Seminary school. I'm at a full-fledged university with classes being taught by leaders in the industry (I'm going into organizational design/behavior). I'm on top of the paper writing and there is a lot of reviews of literature. And the interesting thing about this is its the psychology side of business - and I already have the Masters in Psych. I am leading an organized existence and am surprisingly not feeling the same degree of SADD as in years' past.

We've also had some changes with the status of our college students; the one who went away came back as homesickness got the best of her. It is difficult to step back and let them make their own decisions -- but alas, I guess I'm challenged by the whole "roots and wings" paradox.

I still have no real concrete goals for the year, but we still have DH's paycheck coming in (slowed migration of his department's work down to FL is keeping him employed, though I really do think he is ready for the exit and is having to be accountable for decisions that he didn't make and sometimes there isn't the information provided on why decisions were made, so he's not exactly that happiest of campers.

But onward we go.

1 Responses to “Wow: Almost February. Update”

  1. snafu Says:

    I hope you're enjoying your current course work and path to your the next goal. I sure understand how abrupt decisions by our DKs while in university makes parents want to sit on the curb and cry.

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