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Advice for Selling Things

January 7th, 2018 at 08:30 am

OK, I'm clearing out and have things to sell, but am seriously wondering if it is worth it. I've had a lot of interest on one item and some on several smaller items. People don't show up, or show up and want to pay 50% less than asking, etc.

Any advice on using local selling FB groups or nextdoor.com.

And can you tell me about Swagbucks? At this point, I'm considering any and all ways to bring in extra funds.

Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to “Advice for Selling Things”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    If you are strongly motivated by the thought of making some money by selling, go for it. But it can be something of a hassle with no-shows, or people who express interest but then "disappear" online without bothering to tell you they changed their mind, or they want it for less, etc.

    The strongest interest I ever got was with a pressure cooker I sold last week. I had over 45 responses of interest on it. I only asked $10 for it, mainly becus I've found it has to be a real "deal" to get people to go for it. I even had one one guy who said he'd pay $20 if I held it for him, but I don't do that becus people change their mind all the time.

    I did also have great success most of my mother's yarns by going to specialty interest groups on FB. These were knitters and weavers who actively bought and sold, so it was a lot easier selling to an interested group rather than a general group on FB.

    Some postings just sit there for months and then someone comes along. It just depends. If I get tired of seeing something sitting around here waiting for it to sell, I just donate it to Good Will to be done with it. Not everything will sell; in fact, half or more of the things I've posted have not moved, not for lack of a very low price. I would definitely research what others on FB are asking before you price yours a bit lower than theirs. That could help.

    I also helped my father sell his boat, trailer and engine, and even found a buyer for an old jug with some writing on it, yet my dad decided not to sell the old thing becus he thought he should get "more."

  2. alliecat79 Says:

    I do a local Facebook garage sale. The way I view it, I would toss these items anyway. I post them for low money and I get good responses that way. So far, I've had one person flake out and not show. That's it. My garage sale has rules so if someone marks interested and doesn't show, I move on to the next commenter. Thus far, it's worked out for me. People want to purchase things for very little money. Keep your prices low and they will sell.

    There are TONs of apps that allow you to make passive income. Some are not always open enrollment, others are. I use these: Shopkicks (log in every time I shop at Target, sometimes get nerdy and scan items for extra kicks), Achievement (for activity), Smart Panel (keep an app running on my phone), PineCone (surveys come here and there), Ibotta (coupons for things I would buy anyway), Checkout 51 (coupons for things I would buy anyway), Saving Star (coupons for things I would buy anyway), Swagbucks (earn points for watching videos, taking surveys, etc). Ebates (earn money for purchases I would make online anyway). Stay far far away from things that require you to spend in order to earn that you wouldn't normally spend. They try to sucker you in with increased rebates or points. Only use those apps when you know you will make a purchase anyway.

    Any questions, I'm happy to answer Smile

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I sell nearly all of our items on eBay, which the exception of very large items such as furniture or appliances. I price based on what I want the item to sell for as a Buy It Now option most of the time. I pick price based on what similar items have sold for in the past. I will occasionally list as auctions. There are fees incurred by selling on eBay and PayPal which generally amount to 10% of the sales and shipping prices combined. Only include free shipping if you have factored that into your starting price. You need to have a scale (I have a food scale), a decent digital camera for taking pictures, boxes and packing tape on hand. I reuse boxes or often use the free Priority Boxes from the post office.

    I do not sell on Facebook marketplaces currently because my husband worries about safety...and I do too a bit in our current area. I have done garage sales in the past, but I really don't end up with enough for a sale at any one time anymore.

    Selling stuff does take time, but in your situation I think it is worth the effort to bring in some cash. Be patient and willing to negotiate lower prices. Just because you want or think something should be priced a certain amount doesn't mean it will sell at that amount. If you are going to donate anyway...I say take the lower price and get the cash!

    (my referral link for you or anyone else reading) is very slow in January for earning. It will pick up in February. Most of the redemption options are gift cards, included in Amazon. You can redeem for cash by having the earnings go to your PayPal account. Minimum for PayPal is 2500 SB or $25. You earn Swagbucks by voting in polls, watching videos, signing up for free offers, making purchases through online merchants, and more. It is NOT the most efficient way to earn money, but as a side gig in your downtime on the computer it can add up.

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