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Random observation:

June 2nd, 2015 at 02:44 pm

It costs more money to eat whole foods, but I'm thinking that it is totally worth it.

10-day green smoothie cleanse turned out profitable; weight loss of 8.5# for me, and 15# for DH. I am pleased to say that I followed to a T with the exception of 1 small cup of 1/2 caff coffee in the morning. (I hate to say what I was drinking pre-cleanse). I've also managed to kick the sleeping pill habit. It's been a rough go, but I think I'm finally finding equilibrium with wake/sleep times natural to my body.

The kids are getting way less processed snacks. I've yet to become totally reformed, but we've said good-bye to soda (opting for lemonade/ or Arnold Palmers). We've said hello to healthy bytes and home-made cookies. Less bread, more chicken. (Like 7# of chicken in one week - with seven eaters).

Went out to eat today with my mom and daughter at Egg Harbor. (Not sure if those are around the US or just Midwest?) And I had a fresh fruit crepe, passed my English muffin on to the others, and drank water. Smile

Today I spent $68 at the grocery store for the next few days. Save $6 in coupons and got a free milk.

7 Responses to “Random observation:”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    So tell us more about what you were exactly eating during your 10 days! I know a smoothie cleanse may need to be in my future...maybe worth bringing my blender with in our van. Smile

  2. PauletteG Says:

    How did you manage the sleeping pill tapering off? When I've gone without diphenhydramine my sleep is very light, especially as daylight happens earlier than 5:30 am here. Nice to see the green smoothie protocol works for you. Do you use a Vitamix, or a standard blender? Do you take vitamins and supplements along with the smoothie? I bought a collection of spinach yesterday, would like to see what weight loss concoctions I can make with the extracted juice.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good job with the smoothie cleanse and the weight loss!

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I love Egg Harbor! You showed great willpower to pass up all the good things there!

  5. ThriftoRama Says:

    Wow. Good for you on all those changes!
    I find it's much easier for us to eat unprocessed foods and fruits and veggies in the summer, when we are pulling them out of our garden and from the farmer's market. Winter is our junk food time. I'm trying to change that.

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good for you. I Read the blog 100 days of real food and find it inspiring. I find it exceptionally expensive the woman shops at whole foods and organic completely for $400/month. I can't do $400 non-organic where i live. So I modify and do what i can.

    I think that's the most important thing. Eating as little processed as you can and cooking. That will help stretch the dollars.

    FWIW I buy potato chips and drink soda. We also have wine and beer. But for the most part we try hard to cook.

  7. laura/deacon's wife Says:

    I would recommend the book by JJ Smith "Ten Day Green Smoothie Cleanse". We followed it to the T. I liked it because it used "normal" raw foods and fruits. To me the most exotic thing was ground flaxseed. Lots of water drinking, and snacking on apples and carrots and the like. My husband is transitioning to tea; I can't do it. I'll stick with 1/2 caff coffee.

    At Paulette: Yes, definitely loved the Vitamix to help with the blending - nothing was too gritty. As far as weaning from the sleeping pills, I stopped Vicodyn (! that is as bad as it sounds !) and then moved to Zquil and then OTC generics. My standard dose was three to get eight hours. I then did two and was waking up four hours into sleep. I finally had one left, threw it out, and did it cold turkey.

    I did have to move into the spare room (turning into nursery) and sleep in complete darkness with the window open. I also listened to boring books on tape - At Home in Mitford read by a very boring monotonous voice. Can say that I'm feeling better in general (temperament/energy/outlook).

    We are cutting back on the prepared food. I gave it a go at organic lemonade and 1/2 tea/1/2 lemonade, but that was a failure. The two youngest rejected it citing a "peach after taste". The middle one decided to remain brand loyal to Arnold Palmer; my younger daughter decided the lemonade was "just OK". My oldest is on vacation, but she'd probably like it. I did buy junk food: Baked Lays and Baked Cheetos as a side to Italian beef sandwiches/burgers.

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