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Closing the Chapter on the Italian

December 10th, 2014 at 11:39 am

Anyone recall the foreign exchange student we (briefly) hosted from Italy? Back in August at the beginning of the school year? The one that lasted four weeks. And ultimately requested a transfer because we were too chaotic of a household (we really weren't tolerant of underage smoking - albeit outside, or underage drinking - albeit at other high schoolers' houses (but poor unsmart girl posted to Instagram), and then the matter of the 20+ year old boyfriend who was coming from Italy and she expected him to either 1) be able to stay at my home, or 2) that she be able to stay with him at a hotel?

She ended up going to another family who was far stricter than we were. She had to adhere to a 10:30 curfew (we were at least midnight), and she was expected to attend Mass at least weekly, and the host family told her that she couldn't date the senior wrestler (she ultimately broke up with the Italian boyfriend to date Americans) more than once on the weekend. There was a huge argument between the foreign exchange student's parents who essentially challenged the authority of the host parents, drama, drama, drama.

Anyhow, turns out she requested a return to us twice. And she was sorry she left in the first place. Nonsense. Anyhow, I learned about the second request to return to us from the principal.

We are receiving a stipend payment in the amount of $400 (of the $1600) to be credited to our tuition account. So we close the chapter on the Italian who is going home on the 20th. My, what a crazy ride it *could* have been!!

5 Responses to “Closing the Chapter on the Italian”

  1. llabruce4 Says:

    My senior year in high school, my parents got a foreign exchange student from Poland. I had completely forgot about him until I read your post. He wasn't nearly as much drama by the way.

  2. scottish girl Says:

    I remember.

  3. snafu Says:

    Laura, I felt awful for encouraging the idea of hosting a foreign student. I meant well, basing it on our experience having hosted I think, a dozen or so students from SE Asia . No exciting car chases, at minus 30, wind chill factor minus 90, wheels go square and you 'thunk' down the roadway like you had a flat tire. Every student thought it was a hoot to grab a shovel and help clear stairs or manipulate the snowblower. They learned to make their bed, wash clothes, clear table, take public transit, make new friends from other cultures, and so much more. They cooked their favourite dishes for us with help from their cell, mom, cook and Skype.

    I know you spent quite a bit on that girl's bedrm and felt even worse.

  4. snafu Says:

    arrgh...sentences lost...

    We found each to be unfailingly polite and incredibly focussed on improving their English language skills, written and oral as well as understanding our customs. We found them amazingly appreciative of any extra service or experience we were able to provide. They'd used Hollywood movies and TV pretend to suss out how we lived. So many ideas they came with were so quickly dashed.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    So glad you didn't have to deal with her any longer than you did. I hope she learned something from her experience or that maybe even her parents did!

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