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Daily Dollar Doings

June 23rd, 2014 at 09:51 am

(1) We received two free textbooks for older daughter. Since younger daughter will be at a different school, I will return the two free textbooks that she would have used. I will also donate the freshman/sophomore books that we won't be using.

(2) Still waiting to hear how much daughter's dance attire will cost. Appears that the order might not be placed until next week, meaning that we collect rent on the 30th of June - so might be able to use some of those funds.

(3) Older daughter's uniforms (as a junior she wears different colors) will be covered at the uniform swap (I will be turning in all the younger daughter's things so will only need to get black pants - and since she is a 0Tall all she can wear is Arizona brand out of JCP)

(4) Younger daughter is getting hand-me-downs, and already has a brand new pair of Sperry's that we bought on grand clearance last January. I even forgot about those. She thinks all she will need are some grey tights. Smile

(5) My parents did a Sam's run and bought Danimals and Big Texas cinnamon rolls (saving me at least $16 on those items).

(6) DH paid the balance for his bootcamp class with cash left over from his birthday and Father's Day. I did pitch in five singles to make it easy.

(7) Trying to move away from convenience foods, but it is so much easier to have prepared frozen foods for the kids to reheat and eat for lunch. I definitely need to make progress in this area.

(8) Baked Teriyaki chicken and rice for dinner. Also plan on making strawberry white chocolate scones for breakfast tomorrow.

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