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Turning the Financial Page

June 20th, 2014 at 09:56 am

And creating a new account in the resurrected Quicken. I will admit to being a poor money manager this past quarter. School sort of caused a shift in my equilibrium and money sort of dropped to the bottom of the ladder of importance. I didn't bounce any checks and did well overall since most things were on autopilot.

Days of frivolity are done. DH's last day of work is August 29th. Time to fully commit to intentional living and making wise economic choices. Today was a logical time to start, since it is payday. I am holding funds in reserve pending daughter's participation in poms (she finds out tomorrow - she's attending a camp for the present pom squad at the school she is most likely transferring to).

I am also working to try to get the fixed bills down (for cable/phone and Internet). Plus we're all using Tracfones and that isn't making the most financial sense. Will have to post more about this in detail to get feedback and advice on what has worked for you readers.)

I zeroed in on successful money management in the grocery arena for this two-week pay period. Sam's Club has been great buying in bulk, but I spend most of my funds there and now that it is summer I have more time and will hopefully implement some changes for organization to carry over to the fall when we're really in crazy flux.

I spent time searching recipes for soups and on the menu for the adults this week are: quick curried chick peas (DH's lunch) and a chunky lentil and vegetable soup. Brats and chicken on the grill. Also found some easy recipes for splurges like strawberry white chocolate scones which seem healthier (and cheaper) than donuts.

OK, this is more or less just a reminder to me that now is the time to get serious about having those financial funds keep us afloat.

Also: I've been on the search for bedding for the guest room where the foreign exchange student will be living from Aug 5 to Dec 20. I regularly checked out clearance racks at Kohl's, Target and BB&B. I popped over to craigslist and found a brand new never used twin set in a beautiful green/blue paisley. Retails still for $110 for comforter and sham. I am picking it up for $50 tomorrow. I had a $20 saved for "Random" and will take $30 from extraneous. Smile

4 Responses to “Turning the Financial Page”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I actually baked donuts (mini) the other day. The pan was a hand me down from my mom who bought it to make donuts for my girls one time. They were pretty tasty and inexpensive to make.

    Have you implemented any diy cleaners for your household? I seem to remember that you had asked about that at one time.

  2. snafu Says:

    Having a plan and budget with figures attached are important factors until you have experience with changes in income. Just now inflation is threatening us all with increased prices at the pump and food ouch! My best cost saver is the question...'is this a need or a want?'

    Hope it's ok to suggest before handing over $ 50. for the bedding for anticipated foreign student, take all pieces out of the packaging to review for quality, read the product tag that must be attached giving fabric details and wash instruction, and carefully, slowly examine all seams and fabric for flaws, minuscule tears or evidence of 'seconds.' I realize you've already offered $ 50. but you could ask for a small discount as the colour might not be exactly what you envisioned or the thread count is lower than anticipated. Prices on CraigsList are totally negotiable until you hand over dollars. At that point you've bought 'as is - where is', without warranty or returnability. It's all buyers beware.

  3. laura Says:

    Since I am open to suggestions this is what I have done so far:

    1) @ SNAFU, Emailed CL back to say I wasn't quite sure about going through with the deal. She has packing slip showing when it was purchased (didn't return since shipping to CA was too much and daughter decided to upgrade to queen). I asked is would she take $45? Waiting to hear back.

    2) @ CCFree - care to share your baked donut recipe?


    Shopping to Aldi's with one child in a breeze, we also had the best conversation and bet what the total price of purchase would be. I am used to Sam's Club stick shock and guessed $125. He guessed $115. Total was $106.96. Since I'm starting from scratch essentially for homemade cooking, I ended up with pure olive oil, ground cumin, paprika and crushed red pepper. Also sugar (4#) seemed low at $1.49, so I got a second one. Also we have a standing tradition of Friday Night Smores so that was $5 - Hershey's six pack of bars costs $2.95 still haven't found it cheaper).

    Also stopped at GW to return some shorts too small for DH - and used the in-store credit for three uniform shirts for oldest son (Dennis Uniform Store brand). Smile Way happy about that.

    Also spent $40 on gas since we were hovering just above E and fuel light came on.

    So I am not worry about money any more for this week. (Groceries and gas accomplished on budget). Smile

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good job. Serious cooking from scratch is cheaper. Tonight smoked pork ribs, potato salad, rice, salad with feta, strawberries, sliced pecans, and greek dressing. I also made angel food cake to go with fresh strawberries. Gotta figure out how to post pictures better.

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