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Good-bye May, Hell-O June!

June 1st, 2014 at 09:04 am

I got tired of May. Struggling to write cohesive graduate-level publish-worthy papers (of which I am on the final phase of third rewrite to finish today). Half the kids on vacation, the other half not. Mini-dramas of sorts with the inner-circle (brother and best friend, nothing major but some hand-holding required), overwhelmed with volunteer work which ultimately means no tuition at the parochial school for my sons, etc.

Then there was the nosebleed of money that left: $361 for brake job for DH's minivan, $128 for plumbing issue at rental property, $30 for DH's driver license renewal, $40 for dog grooming, etc. The only good thing is that nothing went on the credit card. The only bad thing is I didn't make my savings goal.

So we are essential "broke" until next Friday (payday). I borrowed a trash sticker from my mother for trash pick up because we have $4 left in the checking account. I imagine that we will be OK because the gas tanks are filled enough for local driving and the cupboards are filled for six days worth of meals. DH and I might be having potatoes and eggs scramble for dinner once or twice, but that is OK.

And I booked and paid for our airline tickets for California in July. Used miles and paid $1,644 for seven us to and from Santa Ana/Orange County. My uncle can get discounted tix for Disneyland and Universal. Looks like car rental for a minivan will be $700 for eleven days. Also hoping to do a mini trip up the coast to Santa Barbara/Solvang.

So I imagine a low spend month given our choices tend toward frugal when saving up for a trip.

Will be caring for my brother's dogs when he travels for two weeks, so that will be an additional $400 minimum (14 days) spending cash.

Hope all have a great day. And to note: No concrete goals for me for the month other than fritter away funds for our trip.

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