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Slap me. Or "What was I thinking?!"

May 23rd, 2014 at 12:52 pm

I've meandered from the frugal path. I'm not sure why. I've upped the grocery budget simply because we've got more kids coming in and out, and more mouths to feed. Some of the increase has been prepared foods for convenience since I'm in school now and trying to study/write papers. That is an excuse, but I'm being real. Here are several instances of how I almost abandoned my good judgment:

I almost spent $50 for a NWOT Liz Claiborne beige plaid carry-on luggage. I found it on the local garage sale FB group. It read something like "Paid $155, asking $50. Used only twice." I liked it. It was quite cute. I'm going on vacation to visit my grandmother, how nice it would be to have that item in particular. I'd like to avoid checking luggage and each travel companion will be bringing their school backpacks with their wardrobe (not scared because my grandmother has a washer/dryer and we'll be gone nine days). I found myself inquiring about dimensions, and if it is from a smoke-free and pet-free home. WTH? Where is my good sensibility?

And in thinking about the bedroom redo for the foreign exchange student, I found a gently used comforter that my girls used at some point several room re-dos again. Almost perfect with a perfect sham. Still need curtains but that is far less than the $59 (before coupon) set that I found. So again "What was I thinking?" Crossing that item off of the last post. Thank you, Snafu, for the gentle reminder that I don't really want to fritter away funds? Um, no. I'd like to divert those toward the outstanding tuition balance for the next year.

Looking into the option of only buying one mattress (which is needed) and possibly a gel top or mattress topper to extend the life of an old uncomfortable mattress that one child is presently sleeping on.

We are upgrading our existing patio furniture with my brother's old set. We are lacking enough seating when we have guests. Free to us.

Back shopping for Mother's Day gifts for our moms, I came across a really cute blue/white nautical striped top (Calvin Klein) at Carsons. Seemed like a good deal at $26 down from $50. I decided I'd go back and buy it with funds I knew I was getting. Then I ended up buying some work out clothes at Walmart and an item for my hobby that I ordinarily wouldn't have bought, thus no funds remaining for Calvin Klein shirt I wanted to buy. I forgot about it, but think it would be a good staple item for a capsule wardrobe. I remembered it when I was at Sam's today and found something very similar (less the hood which makes it a bit dressier). I spent $9.81 and don't regret the purchase.

So, I almost spent $50 for nice, but totally unnecessary carry on luggage for a trip that I am scrimping and saving to fund. I also almost spent at least $50 on bedding when I had something nice and suitable in my possessions in the basement. I am expanding my deck seating for free. I saved at least $16 on an item that I intended to buy to stretch my wardrobe.

Ugh, to think that I've lost that lovin' feeling for being frugal. Today is almost three months to E day (End of employment for DH, though severance will see us through the year).

And I got two free samples of daughter's asthma meds for the next two months. Savings $260.00.

OK, feeling better about being strong enough to deny those urges, but wondering where those wants are creeping up from!

4 Responses to “Slap me. Or "What was I thinking?!"”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Actually, I bet you could sell the luggage on ebay and make something off of your find.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    crazyliblady has a clever idea to bring in extra funds!

    I'm glad you realized you didn't need the luggage, an extra mattress or NEW bedding. I would encourage you to put feelers out to those you know who might have an extra mattress you could borrow for one year.

    Keep up the frugal thinking! You do it well. Smile

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Nice that you caught yourself!

  4. My English Castle Says:

    I know that feeling; it's like sliding off a diet. So easy to do, so completely mindless.

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