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Mid-month wrap-up

May 16th, 2014 at 09:51 am

Hard to believe that May is half over. My sixth grader said to me the other day, "It is funny how fast the school year flies by when you are eleven." Yeah, funny how fast it flies when your in your mid forties, sonny-boy kiddo!

Tenant paid $480/$725 with balance coming next Friday. Definitely need to rework the bill pay dates to correspond with DH's (remaining) paychecks and severance so I don't find myself with more month than money.

Most of us had a hard time waking up this morning. I turned the heat off and it was 63 in the house. Our breakfast pickings were slim, with even slimmer lunch options (though only the girls take lunch on Friday). Older daughter had her AP World History Exam yesterday and has been studying that for eons. She wasn't sure how she did and won't find out until July. Then there was bickering amongst the boys on the way to school (very unlike them) with one of them getting very upset and angry and running his mouth (big no no). He decided it was best if he got out and walk the last two blocks rather than risk losing his ipod or technology privileges. So be it. It was raining, but I suppose it was best he walk.

I didn't sleep well and came home and took a nap. I have shopping to do and laundry to fold but I don't feel like lifting a finger. It is a soccer tournament weekend and we've had snow flurries this morning. I imagine we will all be sick next week.

Anyhow, where is summer? Hell, where is spring?

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe and sane.

5 Responses to “Mid-month wrap-up”

  1. Bluebird Says:

    Whew! I know mornings can be tough with children, I've had a few of my own. Sounds like you handled it all perfectly!

  2. Kiki Says:

    We've hit summer temps already and it is early for us. I'd give anything for a long, cool, wet spring.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    A number of the teachers here have been saying that they've been having a hard time getting going in the morning lately. I know I have - especially this past week!

    Why won't your daughter know her test results until July?

  4. wife ot the deacon Says:

    It is a standardized test of sorts. Depending on how well she does determines how much college credit she earned (she is only a sophomore in high school). It is handled by the organization that does either the ACT or SAT, I forget which.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ah, ok. As soon as I posted I was thinking that it might be something like that.

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