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Miscellaney + Tracking

May 5th, 2014 at 05:36 am

Today is my 24th Anniversary. I'm not quite sure where the time went, but I woke up in a nice house with a nice family and it is nice to be able to go to school and do what we do for our family. I am blessed to have this man as my life partner. It has been wonderful to see that we've created nice people who are smart and caring. Our life is full and crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We aren't celebrating today per se because I have class and as far as gifts, DH is going to buy me a charm for my bracelet when the kids go to shop for Mother's Day.

It has a nice weekend. Our impromptu garage sale was only large furniture items plus some donations from my parents' yard (a set of wicker furniture and some deck chairs). We yielded $140 OOP ($15 fee to participate because this is an annual event for my subdivision complete with port-a-potties brought in for the hundreds of folks). We had three soccer games, plus went to see "Divergent" (amended 5/3 costs for $5 snacks at CVS and $30 for movie tickets).

We're officially hosting the foreign exchange student for first semester of the next school year. My girls are very excited and we have a short list of improvements we'd like to make (paint bathroom and get more storage) and repaint the spare room she'll be in. We've got enough furniture around to make it cohesive. And I'll have to deal with the closet in that room. We're signing up to runt he Biggest Loser 5K at Great America (a big amusement park near the Wisconsin border) in August, which should be a fun outing for our student.

I wish that Spring would come. It is dreary and rainy. I'm thinking about 5 miles at the Y today, then research for a paper. And class tonight.


For May 4th

MI: $0

MO: $50 Gas at Sam's
$27.98 Groceries at Sam's
$48.00 Kids stuff at Target and scotch tape

Miles at the Y: 3

I am not thrilled with the $48 purchase at Target yesterday, but it was one of those moments when the youngest son showed me his gym shoes with the hole and his jacket with the broken zipper. It was 6:15 PM and he was headed to the Adler Planetarium today on a field trip. He honestly looked liked an orphan out of Fallujah. So, he got new shoes and new coat and looked spiffy on his way to the bus stop. And he was one happy camper while shopping. The curse of the last one is that he gets the hand-me-downs or else of course I shop for him. So, all in all, his happiness outweighs the $15 I probably overspent not using sales/coupons/etc. Rant over.

4 Responses to “Miscellaney + Tracking”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It so nice to hear of marriages that work. Smile I spent $40 at Kohl's last week to get my daughter 'black' clothes for her performance in the pit for the musical. I sure spent a bit more than preferred. I'm sure you son will get plenty of use out of his new clothes!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Happy 24th anniversary!

  4. Shiela Says:

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!

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