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Small updates and other 'isms'

April 14th, 2014 at 05:51 am

1) Payday was Friday. One of the benefits of the spending plan is I now know where every dollar goes. Makes it bland, predictable, boring, but comfortable. At the end of the month I will transfer the EF to the only available money market remaining at Vanguard where the rest of our money lives. I did start the Reserve/Savings funds with $100 ($50 each) and expect to have a combined total of $1,550 in both.

2) Cash only is working out fairly well. I am definitely much more prudent and judicious on the grocery items that I am buying (is this nutritionally sound? is this something that everyone likes? etc.) But I am trying to balance thing, too. We've declared Monday as donut morning because my kids love their donuts and think it is a fun way to start the week. We are also instituting milk shake Fridays - using the vitamix, making new concoctions each week. Their version of a shamrock shake was pretty close. The $5 tub of vanilla ice cream at Aldi's goes pretty far with that endeavor.

3) The extraneous fund started 4/11 with $225 in it. My goal was to stretch it out with some carryover to 4/25 but that didn't look likely after needing one new tire and dog training for our puppy T. And grooming, too. My inlaws are sending us a $125 gift card to Walmart. That will help with covering most of the cost of the tire (at Walmart). That was a nice little extra that will help keep the boat afloat.

4) It was a low spend weekend. It looks like it will be a low spend week, too. That is always good!

1 Responses to “Small updates and other 'isms'”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I may regret asking ... but could you please share your recipe for the Shamrock Shake??? Smile

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