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Happy Friday. Happy Payday. Hello Q2 (officially).

April 11th, 2014 at 05:59 am

We've managed to survive the first week back to school after Spring break, the first week of spring soccer practice, and my second week in Seminary. It is definitely tiring, but I am seeing the value in preparing and planning and having reasonable expectations. And the value in delegating to the kids. And the value in having helpful family members. A time of personal growth for all of us.

Today is pay day. I paid the mortgage and a few other bills. I started the two newly designated savings account with $25. I started this pay period with $225 in the extraneous account, and planned spending will probably be 1/2 of that - a new tire and dog grooming,.

We're continuing the cash only experiment a bit longer. $375 into the gas/grocery envelope, and $225 into the extraneous envelope. With the price of gas going up, I'm paying more attention to couponing (like the $1.49 gallon of milk ones).

We've had a run of generosity from the parents and parents-in-law recently. I'm far less "weird" about accepting gifts and help. And asking for assistance - even if it is only driving to pick a child up. My mother in law knew that I was in school two nights a week (well, one night from 7-9:40 and one afternoon from 4-6:40) and when they visited last Saturday, she brought over two tubs of frozen meals (chicken/vegetable soup for the kids and baked chop suey for the grown ups). And my inlaws took us out to dinner (at Steak n Shake - though I contribute with coupons and kids eat for free Smile ) so I can make a good dent in the original bill. They also stocked up on some pet food and dog treats. And my mom called to tell me she bought one of my favorite books in hard cover and got it autographed by the author last night. Smile

All for now. Going to catch up on the blogs. Have a wonderful day.

1 Responses to “Happy Friday. Happy Payday. Hello Q2 (officially).”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    How wonderful to have help from the parents!

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