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My fruitful shopping trip

April 10th, 2014 at 08:36 am

I always admire those posts that have a picture and then a breakdown of how much (little) someone has spent. I finally feel as though I have one of those to share:

(Just noticed my daughter's puppy Teddy in the background!)

At Target, I purchased the following:

Bio True Contact Lens Solution
Claritin Allergy Kids' Liquid
Claritin Allergy Kid's Tablets

Lens Solution: $8.99 - $2 Target coupon - $1.50 coupon
Claritin Liquid - $8.99 - $3.00 coupon
Claritin Tablets - $17.99 - $5.00 coupon

Target coupon for spend $15 get $3.00 off

Total cost for above items $21.92

To sweeten the pot, because I purchased the two Claritin allergy items, I received a $10 gift card. I thought it was supposed to be $5, but then wondered if there was another offer going on for the greater amount.

So I spent $21.92, and have the $10 gift card, bringing my money outlay to $11.92.


1 Responses to “My fruitful shopping trip”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Definitely like those good deals! Love the puppy, too.

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