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March 18th: Random Ponderings

March 18th, 2014 at 10:32 am

I missed posting anything about St. Patrick's Day yesterday. In the past, I always tried to share a favorite Irish blessing. In the past we've had traditional Irish soda bread and snacks and watched "The Quiet Man". Reality is yesterday was just about getting through and getting done. My girls danced early (5 PM) in a southern suburb, and I did spend $14 on six shamrock shakes on the ride home (boys came, too).

I am feeling very fragile today. My friend's mother died late last night. And then I see about Sicily Yoder, here. Another reminder of the frailty of life, and the uncertainties. And tomorrow someone I care a lot about will be facing the first anniversary of a death of a loved one. And our communication is awkward and strained, and I tried to reach out, but feel rejected. Oh, well ... I imagine one day at a time.

There is irony in life. Best friend called me four times this morning, never leaving a message. I slept badly, took the boys to school, worked out, came home and went back to bed. What could possibly be so important that she would call continually and not leave a message? Apparently both she (last "relationship" failed) and my brother are both on eharmony (the dating web site that 'highly screens and filters' your potential dates). And my brother turned up on her list of suggested matches this morning. Ugh. This is pretty bad, since neither of them like one another very much. And she thinks she'll help him by critiquing his profile. Oh, no ...

I found out that my oldest son has $180 in his scouting account - from mowing lawns every third weekend in the summer at the VFW and proceeds from wreath sales - so he will be able to attend a second week of camp. That was a very nice surprise. And we are getting a $100 reimbursement check for gas when DH drove to the Wisconsin Dells on a weekend event last month.

And if I am debating whether or not to pay the mortgage with the budget surplus, or take care of all the small extraneous goals: $250 to parochial school, $250 to soccer club, $812.50 to IRA contribution, and $500 to my tuition. There is some personal satisfaction about clearing out all these small things.

And I'm clearing out the basement. Doing a run past Goodwill when I get the kids.

OK, that is it. Clearing out my mind as well after this brain dump.

Rest in peace, Sicily!

2 Responses to “March 18th: Random Ponderings”

  1. snafu Says:

    I agree, it's feels wonderful to do a brain dump...sort of journaling with the possibility of feedback. I think I'd nearly jump out of my skin if BFF believe it helpful to critique DB. {{Hugs}} for an emotional week. I admit huge ignorance of Catholicism but watched 'Passionate Eye' [TV show available on You Tube] segment called 'Holy Money,' Sunday evening. The show discussed in detail Pope Francis's focus for the Holy See. I wondered how much was TV hype and how much was accurate reporting. Does that make me a cynic?

  2. wife of the deacon Says:

    @snafu - thanks for response. I do feel less miserable when I sort of dump it. It is one of those weird days - sadness and finality, and trying to figure relationships out. I am NOT thrilled with BFF or DB having access to one another's profiles - I immensely dislike being "in the middle" and that is where I find myself. Feeling vulnerable with my own issues, too. Frown I will check out that out on youtube about the Holy Money. I know even at our own level I am dealing with the outcome of a huge fund created to help out school (think over one million) that was created with the assumption that it would remain "local" (to our parish) and not be considered diocesan, which could potentially be used as a payout to potential abuse victims. All very interesting, and political. Though I do love Pope Francis for a multitude of reasons.

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