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Wednesday: The new Dump Day?

March 12th, 2014 at 05:30 am

I am sort of immune to the Hump Day references on Wednesday (one FB friend weekly reminds us with pictures, etc.) I'm dubbing today DUMP DAY because of the snow. Or SLUMP DAY because no one in my family is adjusting well to the time change. I figured to combat the mood I was headed toward, I'd put my robe on, grab my camera, and go out on the deck to revel in the beauty of nature. Here is my favorite pic:

(Sorry, not sure how to flip? If anyone knows and can tell, please share)

We're in the middle of Irish dance performance season. I spent $19 on new socks. I made a mistake in the checkbook by $300 not in our favor. I missed the fact that some bill pays had a later pull date, I assumed they were already paid and then the day they were pulled I was poor.

The price of gas is going up. I may have to start playing the grocery game again with coupons and sale ads.

I am up to my ears in paperwork. For my own return to school (on March 31), and my younger daughter's transfer (for next year). And sending out resumes for my husband's job search. We have the finite end date. DH is considering a less demanding position so he can balance that with school. I'm not worrying too much because the whole point with my return to school is so I can get a job and earn real money. I was offered the chance to go full-time with our diocese as an admin assistant (what I do in my volunteer life, not in my previous professional life) within the diocese office 30 minutes away from home. Thankfully we are not to the point where I felt I needed to go that direction. So, onward we muddle.

I've worked on the budget and it this is the month for paying off things (tuition to all schools/IRA contributions/etc.) April will mean we can come up with some new goals.

Well, I hope all my fellow Midwesterners are staying safe from the snow. And everyone else is safe and happy, too.

End note: Fitness Challenge - I am doing extremely well - I have taken one day off in twenty one consecutive. I'm liking the stepper and bouncing between that, the elliptical, and treadmill. DH commented this morning that I'm looking smaller from behind. And I'm a bit firmer, too. Smile

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