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March is marching in ... and fitness goal for the day ...

March 3rd, 2014 at 05:31 am

Well, yesterday was my 12th consecutive day at the Y, with 34.47 miles cumulative. I'm feeling good, sleeping better, not wanting to have a mid-day nap at 3:00 when the kids are all coming home, and I am usually awake until 9:15 (I wait for my girls to come home from dance two days a week).

Today my goal is to do some crunches (haven't even remotely tried those in forever. I don't even know what is a reasonable goal. I imagine however many I can muster up. And I am going to try the stepper today at the Y rather than the elliptical or treadmill. I'm not very coordinated, so any success on the stepper will be welcomed. I've been warned by a friend about working out everyday. I'm not sure how I feel about that advice.

Saturday night was the Blue & Gold Cub Scout dinner. It wasn't our turn to run it, but the den behind us has only one scout and the three of us that ran it last year ended up running it again this year. We were supposed to be at a 40th birthday party for one of our best friends, but didn't go because of this. I was bummed the whole night. Then to add insult to injury I ended up with two calls for directions on how to get to the friend's house. I need to win the battle on "Saying No and Meaning No". The party was an hour away so doing both wasn't an option. I am not loving the volunteer work with Scouts anymore. The Cubmaster is difficult to work with and I am not sure where this brain dump is even going ... Benefit of helping out at dinner, a huge amount of wonderful chicken pasta leftovers came our way. Will be eating that through tomorrow. (Again, the perception of large family on modest income always gets the leftovers).

All the bills are paid for March. Had a lot of zeal and took care of everything. Will end up having to cut it close until next payday. Oh well, I forgot to budget in sticker for license plate and the dog is in need of grooming. There goes $150 real quick.

So that is the way the band marches on ...

2 Responses to “March is marching in ... and fitness goal for the day ...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think if your workouts are very intense, that everyday might not be great, only because the body likes rest after those types of workouts. However, if you are just doing basic cardio and some strength training I don't think everyday is bad. People walk everyday long distances all over the world, our bodies are designed to move.

  2. wife of the deacon Says:

    Those were my thoughts as well. The shortest time the 3 miles (average) took was 23 minutes.

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