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January Goals Update

January 28th, 2014 at 09:52 am

OK, freezing here in the tundra of the Midwest, I've got reading/studying/crafting kids, a sick dog, and not a lot of motivation to do much. Got the taxes done yesterday (goal for the week).

Here is how we did for January:
* Did pay $1,500 to tuition
* Did pay $1,750 for February's mortgage (next due 3/15)
* Did stay within budget for utilities
* Did pay $1,000 for prepay property tax (scheduled to auto withdraw on Friday's payday)
* Did pay $875 to Traditional IRA for 2013 (as above, scheduled to auto withdraw on Friday)
* Did manage to open a Barclay's saving account with $25
* Did manage to keep my $100 from the beginning of the month (my grandma sends me $100 a month 'to use as needed') Anyhow, it is tucked away in the only surviving antique canister from some distant relative

I did manage to underestimate a long list of things: lenses, ink, pinewood derby supplies, tickets for the Father-Daughter dance, t-shirts for turnabout week for a charity, $50 for class ring deposit, $20 for a belt and dress pants for DH who remains tubby. *sigh*

Goals for Feb

[_] $2,000 for prepayment of real estate taxes from monthly income
[_] $4,980 for prepayment of real estate taxes from federal tax refund
[_] $500 for saving account for DH's educational expenses for upcoming year
[_] Stay on budget for living (gas/groceries)
[_] Stay on budget for utilities
[_] Manage to add $100 cash to canister

I am pleased that it is a short month. I am pleased that I am driving less. I will have the opportunity to make an additional $150 caring for my brothers' dogs when he is out of town. Not sure how to allot those funds.

Non-financial goals:

I am hopeful for more energy to get some bigger tasks done around the house (deal again with the dreaded basement). I would like to make it to the Y at least three times a week. I would like to have an accurate list of what the kids will need for spring and start looking at Goodwill for said items.

Stay warm for those in the bitter cold temps.

1 Responses to “January Goals Update”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good on you for a terrific job managing this ugly, frigid January. Can DKs help with baby stepping your de-clutter, basement project ? We set a timer and compel ourselves to work a minimum of 20 minutes each and every day one section at a time until a project is done. If we like the progress, we re-set the timer for a 2nd 20 minutes of work. I figure I can tolerate any job for 20 minutes. It's a popular way of getting through a big project.

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