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Pre Pay Day Post/Random Observations from the Limtied Income Life

January 16th, 2014 at 05:40 am

Well, this was the first pay period living on the post-employment budget. I managed to make it with $.25 in the account.

First, I had some "budget busters": contact lenses ($57) and printer ink. These ordinarily wouldn't have made a dent in the cash, but we started the pay period with a purchase of two new tires for DH's minivan ($189 at Walmart). Then the printer (that I just purchased the new ink for) died, had an Error Code associated with a paper jam. Stepdad took it home, disassembled, put it back together and it is working now. Crisis averted. So, I am figuring where and when to budget for those items in the future because the need for these items remains constant.

I am not disciplined enough to combine Week 1 and Week 2 funds. Back to cash in envelopes for specific weeks/categories. The last time I tried to do cash, I ended up having to raid all cash across all envelopes for a $385 car repair (brakes) back in November.

There will *always* be something. Saturday starts with another new tire for my minivan.

I can't be fretting over needed purchases. It's just not worth it. I did have to buy my daughter a copy of "Cather in the Rye". The $6.99 had microscopic print, so I opted to spend $15 and get her a book with much easier to read print.

My menu planning and grocery shopping wasn't as successful as I thought it would be. I am going back to the basics with one week at a time. We're eating at my parents' house on Saturday and I think Steak N Shake on Sunday (have a gift card) so it is really a matter of a few meals. Definitely one crockpot. We're eating more fresh produce which is more expensive, and my husband is using his Vitamix (hand me down from MIL) with more regularity. The favorite drink so far is sweet potato/apple/banana/milk/honey/nutmeg. Even my pickiest of eaters like it. We tried to sneak spinach in, but the color gave it away. Smile

Off to work on my meal plan/shopping list. I have the ads and coupons and might give it another go.

Goals for tomorrow's funds (pay day and rent):
[_] $1,750 for mortgage
[_] $181 for living Week 1
[_] $186 for living Week 2
[_] $400 for utilities
[_] $25 to Barclay's account
[_] $100 to retirement
[_] $30 to education

And on a side note, I am seeing how generous my children are with their own personal money. We were at Jewel and my youngest (Prince of the Generous) asked for gum. Cost $1. I pointed out that we could make a $1 donation (Jewel has the placard at checkout where you can donate $1, $3 or $5 for meals for the hungry). He was very cheerful and agreed. And the next time I was going, he had me wait and gave me another $1.

And I'm trying to continue my hobby of cross-stitch on a limited budget - using free patterns and stash on hand. I'm not really loving the small things I'm finding to do. I did find something I *really* love (The Boys Are Back in Town by Just Another Button Company). I showed it to oldest son. He came back with enough cash ($15) for me to buy the set of buttons and pattern. Smile

So, life is pretty good, despite the $.25 in the checking account. Now to be a good steward of my $181 for Week 1. (And it needs to include a gift for stepdad - and a cash donation for a birthday party son is attending). Oh well, I can do it!

2 Responses to “Pre Pay Day Post/Random Observations from the Limtied Income Life”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with this weeks spending!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Try doing small cross stitch projects for starters, such as quotes with a simple added border or small flowers. Mount them on a piece of cardstock (glue ribbon around the edge to cover the cut sides). Give them as a special greeting.

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