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Quick Update

June 18th, 2019 at 07:10 am

Almost on to 3rd Quarter of 2019. Wow!

We are still in the process of home repairs. My take-away: Don't hire a friend, especially one with a drug issue. It will take you three times as long and twice as much. We are cash-flowing the repairs, have most parts purchased and just are paying for labor. We are going to bring in the handyman that works for my dad to tackle some of this. This is a true exercise in patience.

DH had his gall bladder removed. He is three years post cancer diagnosis and the most recent scan revealed a thickening gall bladder and polyps (which were really only gall stones and DH was asymptomic so they thought polyps). So that was done outpatient and recovery was slow. He returned to work today. This is a good thing! He also had an elevated liver enzyme and needed to see the gastroentrologist (they biopsied liver while taking gall bladder). As of now everything is good and in order. He is down 8 pounds and probably needs to take anothr 35 off to be at 200 which is what the primary care doc wants him to be.

Older son went to California for a visit with family. His first time flying independently and he had a good time, given his anxiety issues he did remarkably well.

Money wise it seems like we are able to dodge the money bullets as they come at us. I haven't been able to save much with the expenses, but I haven't touched my inheritance money.

Hope that all are well! Enjoy your summer.