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January Recap

January 31st, 2019 at 08:34 pm

I managed to track every red cent that we spent. Rather eye opening because my interest usually wanes and I don't get a full picture of things.

What we spent:

Consumables (all food/household/cleaning/pet/personal care/paper items) > $575 (this was high because it includes groceries through 2/4)
Gas > $225
Other > $450 (of which $250 was a replacement iphone for DH, other items were oil change, dog grooming, hair cut, drivers license renewal fee, $40 for dinner party with 12)

Goals for February are:
Consumables > $450
Gas > $200
Other > $300

I have put in an application for one of two part-time jobs available with a domestic violence not for profit. I am also considering a temporary agency, but haven't pursued that too seriously.

I am working on taxes. We are looking at getting about $2,000 back.

My son broke his hand and we're waiting to see how much that will cost. Yet another xray this upcoming week.

I'm decluttering tons. I'm returning a set of china to my mother. I have enough funds to cashflow the installation of the tub and shower and the plaster repair. I have a rebate check at Menards and am going to purchase a new utility tub for the laundry room and tile flooring for our master bathroom. I am getting antsy about moving on getting the house ready for listing. I am happy about the progress in the dreaded basement which isn't nearly as dreadful anymore.

My younger daughter is applying to colleges for her last two years. She's finishing up at the community college. She's also having to decide on an internship with my brother's law firm (she's pre-law) or being a counselor at sleep away camp this summer.

My older daughter is meeting with an agency from London on Tuesday. She's had solid offers from Asia, but London sounds so much more fun. Closer with no language barrier and I'd go too (one of my good friends is in Oxfordshire). Fingers crossed that she's UK-bound. She's gone vegan and has lost weight, has good measurements and skin and her mother agent is very excited about her possibilities.

We had our family dinner at Buca di Bepos on MLK Day. I used a $20 off coupon and we brought left overs home. I also used my Christmas money and bought a cocktail dress that I was pining away for. It was $200 but went down to $97. Yes, I bought it. We have two events coming up and I'm super excited to have something I really love to wear.

I have managed to save $20 in $5 in January. This is for Christmas 2019.

DH and I are both working for my biological father with rental property management. I made $100, he's at $400 for January with about $1,000 in February. He'll use his funds for brakes for his Corvette. I'm saving mine for vacation.

I also managed to send small amounts to our retirement annuities with my husband's fraternal order. This was also the first month with 10% going into 401(k) with 6% match.

Our vacation fund is still at $4000. My children received their cash bequests from my grandmother's estate and I had everything set up at Vanguard. That is a nice thing. For them to have some money put away. We are still waiting on $70K of education funds.

All in all, things are going pretty well. I've managed to turn the corner on anxiety, but the SAD is really bad this time of year. Worse than last year.

I am ready for February!

2 Responses to “January Recap”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Did you find that using a budget app helped track your spending better? I think you mentioned you were starting one. My mistake if it wasn't you!!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you have done well! And saving for Christmas 2019 is an excellent idea!

    Sorry SAD is bad this year. It has been a tough winter so far.

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