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UFMC Update - January Ist Half Spending

January 15th, 2019 at 03:10 pm

I've been a diligent tracker since 1/1. Here is the spending for the first half of the month of January:

All Consumables (food/pet/household/personal care)
was $232.10
[Budgeted Amount was $200]

Gas for three vehicles: $95
[Budgeted Amount was $100]

Extraneous: $178.50.
[Budgeted Amount was $200]

Total coupons savings on all consumables was $36.00

My extraneous spending included the following: $31 for my drivers license renewal, $25 oil change, $20 pet grooming, $18 haircut, $40 to host Italian dinner for 12, $18 birthday gift for my stepdad, $15 for a sweater for myself, and a $7 pendeflex and $3.50 salt and pepper shakers).

Not included was a replacement iphone 7 for DH for $240 from Amazon. That was cashflowed with Christmas gift money that wasn't designated.

All in all, I'm fairly happy with the way it is going.

I had a bit of rude awakening at the amount of the net pay AFTer 10% 401K contribution. I also sent $92 even out amount to Vanguard and $35 to my own retirment annuity (not much, but every little bit counts). Also we increased our HSA contribution by $750 this year.

We're moving onto having the bath tub and showers replaced in our current home. We continue to declutter and our downsize is so close I can almost taste it.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice work!!

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