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Better to give than receive

November 5th, 2014 at 04:05 pm

Our money tank is running on fumes for the next two weeks and two days. I don't anticipate much spending other than gas and groceries. The property taxes and mortgage payments left very little room to navigate. I wasn't exactly lamenting this situation, because the budget corrects itself on 11/21.

On a whim, I ran into the resale shop at 4:30. I'm looking for two or three book titles that my girls will be needing for second semester Lit classes.

The resale shop supports the local domestic violence shelter and I have seen women shopping there with vouchers. I always find that sad because my mother was a victim of domestic violence when she was married to my biological father and I remember how carefully she planned her departure. It helped that she was legally divorced from him before my brother's birth but decided to stay after he was born. My mother rented an apartment on her own, had my grandfather come one morning, they packed and moved out whatever would fit in one run. My mother picked us up early from school and we were on a plane to FL to visit my uncle before my father got home from work. Anyhow, my mother did go on to marry my stepfather and they've been happily together going on 35 years. My biological father has a long string of unsuccessful relationships (two marriages, and is now in a 15 year dysfunctional relationship with someone my age). Boy that was a bit of diversion from my post topic.

Anyhow, today there was a little girl maybe 10 shopping for a Christmas gift for her mother (I am assuming that based on the items she was looking at). She had her vouchers and was carrying Christmas wrapping paper. I watched her look as she carefully looked at each home décor item. She picked thing up and put them down and finally went back to a brown betty teapot. I know that because my mom has a collection of them. I wondered why she picked that item, but whatever the reason, she had a smile of her face of contentment.

I complimented her choice, saying that was the prettiest thing on the shelf. She just smiled and nodded and didn't maintain eye contact.

I wonder what her story was? What she's seen and where she lives now. Regardless, I am thankful to whomever arranged this shopping trip for her. She had the freedom to look and chose whatever item her (presumable) mother would like. A mother that loved her enough to get out of a situation to keep her safe.

I'm thinking that the gifts that we do buy for relatives this year will come from places that support a cause. We've scaled back this season on the gift list, just because we aren't lacking for anything and there are so many people in need.

On another note, we donated our pumpkins from Halloween (we carved late) to our neighbors who were collecting treats for goats and sheep. I'm amazed at the little things that can be done to help create joy. In this instance, for goats and sheep.

3 Responses to “Better to give than receive”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, it is! Thanks for the reminder. I'm in the very early stages of Christmas planning, not to spend, spend, spend but to keep things under control, yet relaxing if possible. I have a daughter who is considering asking for donations to Heifer International. She isn't decided yet, but fingers crossed!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I was in Goodwill last night, hoping to find birthday and Christmas gifts. I didn't find anything to give, but did find a couple of plates for my hutch.

    I hope the little girl's mother enjoys the brown betty teapot. Gifts from children are the best!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I just saw a story about that on FB the other day I think - about used pumpkins/unused pumpkins being good for goats and sheep. Never knew that before.

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