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Updates on The Future

October 30th, 2018 at 09:10 am

I've decided to ditch emotions when it comes to money. I have realized that I just lacked a real approach to life. Things I was in denial about:

1) old cars cost money
2) real estate ownership is expensive
3) the mountain of medical debt will go down slowly
4) its ok to enjoy life and go to that matinee movie with your CVS purchased box of movie candy
5) growing teen age sons go through clothes and shoes quickly

I dared myself to look at January 2019 budget with my part-time employment income and things are looking up. I will be able to make needed car repairs, home repairs, take that vacation we're saving for, and properly budget categories before the funds need to be there. We are also narrowing our targeted area for townhome ownership and are pleased with what we are seeing in our price range. We've upped what we wanted to spend by $50K and space won't be an issue (I am now realistic that smallest possible isn't going to be best - with kids still with us and inlaws who are older). (We will still purchase the townhome cash with the equity from our primary residence and rental property sale).

I still haven't discussed details of the bequest from my grandmother's estate. I'm only speaking to my uncle (the executor). I'm still of the opinion that I'd rather have my grandmother than talk about her money. The waves of grief will are still rather continual. And I don't consider myself a wallower, but I'm just careful on who I let in.

My best friend is a singleton and now she's wanting to make me medical power of attorney and executor of her estate. My youngest son is her godson and heir. To be honest, I don't want to talk to her about her situation at all. She can talk to a lawyer and then let me know what I need to know.

I purchased the first Christmas gift of the 2018 season. Kids are only getting one gift in the $75 range. Got older son the Lego Hogwarts Express set - Target matched their online price of $65 and I used the Red card saving 5% (linked to debit card). I also wrapped it already! (CCF, you'd be proud of me!)

I'm working toward the YNAB system of living on last month's income this month. I'm half way there since the 11/2 paycheck will cover all living expenses for November, the 11/16 paycheck will cover November's mortgage and savings account contribution.

I'm also aiming toward low-spend, but we've got my birthday and older daughter's this month. Decided on doing an escape room experience for us instead of dinner out. That will be fun and a memory maker. I'm also getting a new tattoo to match younger daughter's. Simple and tasteful, though some might not agree. DH thought we should get matching ones too, but we'll save that til next year.

So, its going as well as it can be. Hope things are stable and positive with everyone. Smile

3 Responses to “Updates on The Future”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yay! I am proud of you. Great deal on a gift and it's wrapped. I feel so far behind with even thinking about Christmas this year. Other than getting more settled, really focused on visiting our girls for Thanksgiving. I should pull out my Christmas planner...I think it's with the Christmas decorations, which I think I can find.

  2. Carol Says:

    As far as grief goes, a good friend more experienced with it than I was at the time, told me to expect it to come at odd intervals and when you least expect it. It will pass eventually, but I never mind crying for someone I loved.

  3. livingalmostlarge Says:

    would love to see a tattoo. Grief takes time. Will it be a tattoo in remembrance of your grandmother? If I could easily figure out how to post pictures I would but it usually takes me a bit of time.

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