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Q4 2018 Update

October 2nd, 2018 at 01:18 pm

Hard to believe it is the start of the last quarter of 2018.

Goals for the quarter:

1) Continue to track expenses
2) Save 10% of all income

We are finally graduating from paycheck to paycheck living (or where we run out of money four days before payday). We've paid $6,000 balance for property tax and $3,500 to a bill that was we were going to be sued for. We've managed to cashflow tons of smallish emergencies (tires/batteries/back to school/sports fees/class ring/etc).

Some of it is because our older children are fiscally responsible, contributing to grocery budget by cooking one dinner a week each and contributing more towards fuel expenses with increased car usage). Some of it is because we are just spending less. And I've re-negotiated down one medical bill from $200 to $95/month. Not ideal, but more breathing room.

I'm still job searching. I'm overqualified for some work, underqualified for other work, will consider two part time jobs or just a full-time temporary position. I've been ou tof town to California to help out with a family situation, so that derailed some plans. Just moving onward and not sweating things! I will find a job. Hopefully the right job. At the right time.

DH is still employed - and his job has become more secure with one of his counterparts out on sick leave. Looks like he will have a offer at the beginning of Q1 2019 with his most previous old boss. 10% less pay, but closer to home.

All the more reason for us to continue the declutter and move to downsize. We're making good progress and have finally decided on a subdivision that we really like and offers a floor plan that will work for us and the kids we will have with us (still all four).

Hoping to achieve my goals through continued accountability.

2 Responses to “Q4 2018 Update”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is good news about moving from paycheck 2 paycheck!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    That's great you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck. Yay!

    Hope you can find a nice place that you all like.

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