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August 16th, 2018 at 11:08 am

I blogged previously as P2P Living. Didn't really bond with that blog and couldn't remember what my password was, but this identitiy was engraved on my mind, so here I am again. Back as me.

What's changed? Not much aside from my attitude. We did graduate to full-fledged Paycheck To Paycheck living; we'd run out of money at about Day 9 out of Day 14. NOW we make a deposit to our Vanguard money market WEEKLY (growing EF again slowly) and we are solvent still at the next pay day.

The rental property is successful now, with a low-maintenance tenant who pays in cash and on time. Earlier when they were going to be out of town on vacation on due date. We are pleased as punch about that. Those funds are catching up on property taxes due in full by end of October.

Job Front: DH was officially notified that the job opportunity that has been linger since April no longer exists. A new CFO and soft sales led to the decision to only replace one of three senior financial analysts; chosen candidate had 12 years experience and background in Marketing. NOT DH.
** He still is employed at current situation, extended indefinitely. So paycheck is a paycheck at this point. His severence is 3.5 months and is unemployment benefit eligible. He's pretty miserable though given all he's doing is STILL AND AGAIN putting out fires that other people create.

I'm looking now for a job since the kids will be back in school Monday. I'm finding it hard to get in at an entry level for OD since everyone is only hiring Project Managers which I fall short of talent-wise. I've decided to join the student chapter of the OD Network and hope to build some bridges that way while taking one class at a time.

Job wise: I can't decide if I should pay the $100 to get the sub license for my state ($50 for fingerprinting and $50 for license) or just look for a part-time job at the local community college. Haven't really a clue - but must decide soon.

Back to watching the pennies after a hiatus of tracking; though not entirely irresponsible spending.

Today: Took forgotten coupon to Payless and got $7 back on BTS for older son. Also returned slimey carrots for $2.

We did cancel the land-line and I'm paying bills online biweekly. That seems to be working.

Now everyone is back at home and my grocery bill will be increasing; I'm car sharing, so my fuel expenses will be decreasing as everyone needs to chip in.

DH is getting busier with his side job working for biological dad. That's how we're funding our upcoming vacataion - CASH! - and we currently have $1,400.

I also did list some items on FB Marketplace and sold a dress for $5 this month. Not much, but I'm trying to stay on top of things like that to at least contribue some $$.

Also, we are finally decluttering and got rid of a load of furniture from our basement plus some items from the garage. We've started looking at Open Houses for townhomes and are deciding where we'd like to look and what size we will need.

ETA: I also reversed a $20 account maintenance fee over at Vanguard by electing for electronic delivery of all statements/notifications. Go me.

So, I'll be returning to blogging here and let P2P sort of fade into the abyss. Off to catch up on things. Smile

2 Responses to “Update/Re-engaging”

  1. Carol Says:

    As far as subbing versus community college, I'd look into the pay differential.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    As Carol suggests and which one would provide more days of work.

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