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Found Some Money, Edited Spending 5/24 & 25

May 26th, 2018 at 07:14 am

We have an unused can of bath-tub finish spray paint that we didn't use over at the rental property ($3 of Comet cleanser and elbow grease worked magic). I found that receipt and DH's taking it back now. That's $40 + tax when we could really use it!

Amended spending for 5/24

$70 - Check from Mom (reimbursed)
$9 - Change rounded up and deposited

-$58.00 - Groceries at Aldi's
-$15.25 - Gas for Versa
-$8.25 - Misc Joanne Fabric for craft project

I used roughly $2.50 from the check book

Spending for 5/25


Smart Money Moves for 5/25:

1) I was organized enough to know where the receipt was for return (Hello at least $40)

2) I skipped the end of year pizza party for the volleyball team (I'm an introvert, find these stressful, didn't have the $ anyhow, so I went to the final match and made arrangement for A to go with the coach). His cost to attend was $0 since it was included in the sporting fee

Right now I am going to spend some time working on my project for the second class, make some muffins for breakfast (from a mix) and some quinoa for lunch.

Low-spend around here just because there's no choice. Have a nice relaxing weekend, SA Friends!

1 Responses to “Found Some Money, Edited Spending 5/24 & 25”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Hooray for the receipt. I have some returns that need to actually leave my house. You've inspired me, Laura!

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