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April 22nd, 2017 at 07:13 am

Topic of last posting was the totaling of my 2010 Kia Sedona. I was hit by a person who presented a card for a lapsed insurance policy, but she did end up having coverage. I'm waiting on a reimbursement of $580 out of $710 for the car rental (their cap was $21.99 + tax, somewhat lower than the actual cost of $25.99/daily) and my $500 deductible ($1,080 total). State Farm gave us $7,150. We purchased a 2012 Nissan Versa with 24K miles (one owner, well maintained, like new) for cash $9,838 (car price was $8,885 and then state tax, title and plate transfer).

I reused my plates which saved some money since they are paid valid through 10/17. The service manager suggested that I replace them since they weren't as nice as the car. I laughed. They also wanted to me to upgrade the floor mats to weather-tek or whatever. Again, I declined. We are very happy with the looks of it, the price of it, the mileage on it, and the miles/gallon. Happy, happy; joy, joy.

We also are closing out the claim from my daughter's dog bite back at the end of January. The offer that they made for pain and suffering and inconvenience will be a nice addition to her savings account. She's planning on going to Europe in January and now doesn't need to worry about being short of her targeted goal amount.

I'm on a hiatus from life right now, speaking rather metaphorically. My situation at the academic institution that I worked/studied at was challenging at best, and there was a conflict in personality and work styles between myself and the one that I worked for. And then there was a situation on the part of the administration that miserably failed the students that I studied with who resided in student housing. So much to the point that I knew there was existing case law in the county from a similar situation with a different religious organization. And I suggested that my brother speak to my friends. And since I worked under a very unique name (my maiden name) there really wasn't a way of hiding a relationship with opposing counsel, and since I wasn't happy anyhow, it made sense to fade.

My plans for the future are fairly open. My credits obtained over the past several years due translate to a certification in pastoral care and counseling, and that is what I may look into for employment options. Ideally I'd like to work part-time in some sort of social justice capacity, but again, I haven't started looking in earnest.

We're remaining frugal; and decluttering. And we are spending money, but its mostly upgrading items that need replacing (my wardrobe made some gains with on-sale items and Goodwill purchases).

My oldest three have jobs lined up (though the youngest is a freshman and is growing a lawn care service). It is nice that they are covering their own expenses, and all of them are owners of PNC Virtual Wallets with debit cards, so its nice to see some fiscal responsibility and good money management skills.

I'm going on my first vacation alone. I'm going to California to visit my grandmother who is 97. I scored round trip airfare on Spirit from Chicago into Los Angeles for $138 round trip. So looking forward to this.

Off to catch up on everyone! I've missed you!