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Mint or Personal Capital

March 19th, 2017 at 01:19 pm

Wondering if anyone here uses one or the other above?

I'm in need of an easier, stream-lined practice of accounting for spending and tracking. Excel spreadsheets and receipts are getting old, and I'm finally easing into efficient use of technology.

On the money-front, not much to report. Biggest outlays: $750 contribution to younger daughter's Cancun trip (she funded the airline and passport expense, plus has $250 of her own funds. We spent $450 two years ago when older daughter went on a trip)
$1,500 to high school #2
$1,000 to high school #1
$500 to grade school

Other than that, just moving forward.

But realizing the need to have better and easier spending accountability.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

5 Responses to “Mint or Personal Capital”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck! We use YNAB, but if they are both free, it sure doesn't hurt to try them. Even a free trial might help you know.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I don't use either. I use a 4x6 index card that I keep in my purse. It has my budget for two weeks on it and whenever I pay a bill, I cross it out and note the date paid. This helps me when I am at a store and want to buy something so that I know whether I can afford it or not. Most of the time, not. It is definitely low tech and while not free, is very cheap.

  3. Dido Says:

    Mint has more flexibility and better reports for income and expense tracking. Personal Capital is better on investment aggregation across accounts. Actually I just tried Personal Capital yesterday for the first time 🙂.

  4. Dido Says:

    I tried to go to the new online YNAB because I like the concept and used the old Excel based version several years ago, but I found the current version non-intuitive. I'm sure I could have mastered it if I'd sat thru the lessons--but I was still having problems after sitting thru the intro class and didn't have time to devote to learning. So I never went beyond the free trial to the pay by month model.

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    I sort of use Mint and like it. If I wasn't so into seeing the future, vs. just the present and past, I could see getting into it. I need to check out some other budgeting softwares and see if any of them does a "future checkbook" with a running projected balance like I have on my spreadsheet.

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